History of PT. KBA Ganesh


PT. KBA Ganesh is an equivalent D1 Workforce Training Institute that has been established since 2004 located in Tabanan. Initially, the Director of PT. KBA Ganesh, I Wayan Muliada began pioneering the Manpower Distribution Institute named PT. KBA Ganesh since 2003. To develop the Labor Training Institute and the Manpower Distribution Institute, we moved to Jalan Padang Luwih No. 113 Dalung.

PT. KBA Ganesh which has red and blue nuances itself has a different concept from other campuses. Red which is a symbol of courage and luck. Blue which is a symbol of calm. The two colors are harmonized to match the character of PT. KBA Ganesh who is passionate with a calm soul. Eager in the sense of not giving up in competition in the world of work and being able to think clearly and calmly.
The Ganesha logo was chosen because it is a symbol of education and culture. Ganesha is a god symbol of education and intelligence. It is hoped that later graduates from PT. KBA Ganesh has a character that is intelligent, cultured, and disciplined in the field of education and when plunging into employment.

PT. KBA Ganesh has 6 short courses in hospitality and cruise ships, namely:
1. F & B Service (Food and Beverage Service)
2. Bartender
3. F & B Product (Food and Beverage Processing)
4. Housekeeping (Room Cleaning Service)
5. Spa Therapist
6. Front Office

Besides having 6 short course and cruise ship programs, classes at PT. KBA Ganesh is also multimedia based. This multimedia-based class is very helpful to support the delivery of information and knowledge of students. Students are not required to bring textbooks or notes because they can access lessons and notes from their instructors through the multimedia system that we apply.

PT. KBA Ganesh is also equipped with student activity units so that later they can be active and sensitive to the opportunities that exist in the world of hospitality and cruise ships. The units held are:
1. Juggling
2. Fruit Carving
3. Language Fun (Club Language)

PT. KBA Ganesh is also very sensitive to the needs of the hospitality industry, so besides the curriculum has been adapted to the needs of tourism, our students are also equipped with Italian. The provision of other foreign languages ‚Äč‚Äčalso provides a plus for them to be able to compete with workers both in Indonesia and abroad.

We also demand the use of English in the campus environment so that our students are accustomed to using English as a daily language while training them to speak. Apart from being deft at work, our students are trained to be able to communicate well and correctly.

In addition to building human resources that are ready to compete in the world of work, PT. KBA Ganesh prepares its students to work on cruise ships and abroad by directly channeling them through the agency PT. KBA Ganesh. Currently PT. KBA Ganesh and PT. KBA Ganesh itself has helped more than thousands of Indonesian workers interested and competed to be sent abroad and cruise ships.

For the distribution of graduates at PT. KBA Ganesh, PT. KBA Ganesh also cooperates with agencies including: PT. Centina Jakarta, PT. Aweidhia Jakarta, PT. Ruyung Karya Mandiri, PT. Marline Caresindo, and also Sealand Maritime. Co