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Offshore Vessel Services

We are the right choice for those of you who want to work abroad

We have established our name in international crewing since 1991 and possess composed the human resource depending on Asian, European and American principal, so we have maintained an extended, mutual and beneficial, relationship with any companies. Now, with experience in crew management industry, we offer the crewing for hospitality industry of Cruise ship and offshore vessel in America, Africa, Europeans and etc.

We are able to introduce staffs at any level inside the fields of hospitality along with :

– Cruise Line, Offshore Vessel, Hotels, Restaurants, Etc.

The goal to complete customer happiness, where our staff will make sure whether all your requirements are fulfilled. Our infrastructure incorporates a fully equipped modern office with wonderful facilities. From your very successful land base crewing, PT. KBA GANESH now provides sea-base staffing services to meet the existing requirement for professional seaman and also other hr demand for companies worldwide.

PT. KBA GANESH commits to a high standard of professional excellence. We abide by proven recruitment procedures and techniques. We’re selective in hiring and equipped our professional staff, with the requisite skills, through the wide range exercise program. All of us devoted a certain variety of hours each year to a string in recruitment, interviewing, pre-selection, business correspondence clients and applicants servicing in other locations service improvement aimed at, answering the main requirements of clients and candidates.

SOLID RESOURCES PT. KBA GANESH is among the most financially solid recruitment companies in Indonesia.

TAILOR-MADE METHODS. We have established a system that answers good worker recruitment and we applied this method into documentation and processing the worker documents. These procedures are called tailor-made methods because our main goal is analogous being a tailor, which is to suit every client’s requirement, simple but functional, efficient and effective.

AMPLE FACILITIES PT. KBA GANESH features a complete logistic support, service vehicles, internet access, fax machine, computerized directory candidate, as well as a cubicle for interviews.

PERSONALIZED ATTENTION OF PRINCIPALS. We offer personalized attention to our clients by assigning and a recruitment specialist to an account. Additionally, we make a daily itinerary for our clients, which include daily interview schedule and leisure activities that range from tour to scenic spots from the greater Indonesia area for buying good quality souvenir items.

IMMEDIATE FEEDBACK. We assure our clients of fast and immediate feedback either, within the same day or the next twenty-four hours. Recruitment Status Report ( RSR ) will be given every week or essential to clients