Short Course Program

Food and Beverage Service (Bartender)

The short course Food & Beverage Service program is designed for the needs of those who in a short time want to deepen their knowledge and skills in the field of hospitality, especially Food & Beverage Service. this program is for those who have had work experience in the hospitality sector and want to upgrade skills and knowledge.

This short course program is proven to be practical and effective to improve skills and character to be more professional in a career in the hospitality industry. The purpose of this short course is to produce skilled workers ready to work in the field of Food & Beverage Service at the level of expert experts who are ready to carry out Food & Beverage Service operations.
What will be learned?
Intro To Food & Beverage Service
How to be professional waiter
Menu Structure and Dishes Knowledge
Restaurant Service Type
Napkins table set up & folding
Restaurant Equipment & Maintenance
Room service
Sequences of Service
Banquet Service
Upselling technique
Evaluation (practice sequence of service)

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